April 27th, 2021: START2030 Stakeholder Workshop

The first START2030 Stakeholder Workshop was held online on April 27th, 2021. The Workshop focused on the scenario development, both with respect to the European Baseline Scenario for the Electricity Sector (see WP2) and the 100% RES-E scenarios for Austria (see WP3).

In the first part of the Workshop the discussions with experts from research institutions, administration and interest groups centered around the choice of the most suitable baseline scenario for the European electricity system. The second part of the Worshop was used for the first stage of a Delphi Survey in which the attendees participated in online polls on the possible development of a range of relevant exogenous parameters.

The presentations can be downloaded below:


April 12th, 2021: START2030 Poster Presentation

Claudia Kettner presented the START2030 project on behalf of the entire project team at the ACRP poster session at the 21st Austrian Climate Day. The poster summarised the aims of the project and the methodological approach, as well as the progress of the project. The project received valuable feedback by the ACRP Steering Committee that will be integrated in the future work.

The poster is available at the website of the 21st Austrian Climate Day or can be downloaded here.


Claudia Kettner-Marx

Austrian Institute of Economic Research

A-1030 Wien, Arsenal, Objekt 20