Work Package 7: Conclusions and Policy Recommendations


This work package complements the empirical work performed in the previous work packages and consists of three tasks:

  1. Review of policy measures to mitigate energy / electricity poverty in EU Member States
  2. European perspective on 100%-RES-E in Austria by 2030
  3. Development of policy measures for Austria

Review of policy measures to mitigate energy / electricity poverty in EU Member States

To complement the modelling results on the social impact, we will review the literature addressing energy / electricity poverty on a theoretical and empirical basis for EU Member States. The purpose of the review is threefold: First, we will try to identify the main causes of energy poverty in the EU. Second, we will summarise and discuss measures proposed to mitigate energy poverty. Finally, we will focus on policy measures addressing energy poverty that have been successfully implemented in other Member States. This review will provide the basis for the development of policy measures to mitigate (potential) detrimental effects of the transition on vulnerable household groups that will be tested in the model simulations in Work Package 6.

European perspective on 100%-RES-E in Austria by 2030

Austria is part of the European interconnected electricity network and therefore electricity exchanges based on market results and the technical ability of the network occur beyond the Austrian country borders. Therefore, it is not appropriate to simulate Austria as a single country and the European dimension has to be considered in the scenario calculations. In START2030 this is done by embedding the Austrian RES-E scenarios in a coordinated European scenario, considering the relevant strategies of the single member states, the EU including the targets of the energy and climate strategies as well as the positions of the TSO’s in regarding the TYNDP of ENTSO-E. The results of the investigated RES-scenario for Austria will also be discussed under consideration of the European dimension.

Development of policy measures for Austria

In task 3, we will derive policy recommendations for designing the transformation towards a 100% renewables target for the Austrian electricity system based on the model analysis (Work Package 6) as well as on the literature review in Task 1 of this work package. Particular emphasis will be put on the social dimension of the transition, i.e. we will discuss the role of other policy instruments to complement the existing policy framework building on the results of the empirical analysis and the literature review. The policy recommendations will be discussed in a workshop with experts and relevant stakeholders (from administration, social partners and NGOs) that serves both validating the policy recommendations and improving the acceptance by the relevant stakeholders.

Last update: November 2020