Work Package 5: Model Linkage


The Linkage

The linkage between ATLANTIS and DYNK is based on dealing with the output of the ATLANTIS model as a disaggregate technology representation the different electricity subsectors, i.e. electricity generating and distributing technologies of ATLANTIS are interpreted as representative subsectors of the economic sector that provides electric energy in DNYK. Each technology of the economic sector is defined in terms of inputs (energy, capital, materials and labour) and comprise different plant types relevant for Austria. The electricity generation and distribution data from the solution of ATLANTIS are then linked to corresponding variables in the economic sub-sectors.

The Data Collection

To achieve a clean linkage the disaggregation of the economic sector in DYNK into technology representative sub-sectors is – amongst other data sources – based on ATLANTIS data. In ATLANTIS the detailed structure technologies by plant is modelled and the solution of the optimisation algorithm yields fixed (capital) and operational (energy, labour and materials) input and costs, as well as generated electricity output. Based on this physical (fuel inputs, electricity generated and lost) and monetary (costs and fuel prices) data we can derive an implicit output price, i.e. for the electricity generated. We then can i) link this implicit price to the output price index of the electricity generating sector in DYNK and ii) calculate a share of each technology in electricity output in physical units as well as – given that we have only one output price – in monetary units. When this linking is established, the development in ATLANTIS scenario results can be transferred into the DYNK’s technology and output shares of the sub-sectors of electricity generation as well as the output price index of the economic sector. The link is also established in the other direction, as electricity demand is endogenous in DYNK and comprises economic feedbacks that are caused by technology shifts and/or changes in prices. The changes in electricity demand are then transferred to ATLANTIS.

Last update: December 2020